Race Horses


Race horses are usually fed a high grain diet, this is needed to obtain the energy requirements for strenuous exercise.  Alkapellet PH PLUS helps to keep acid levels down by alkalising the hind gut and keeping the sensitive bacteria and microbes in a healthy environment.  Due to these healthy microbes, better utilisation of the feed is obtained resulting in more energy and better mineral absorption from the fibre content of the food.  A less acidic system results in better lamina growth and healthier hooves.  Your horse needs a diet that is balanced with both grain and good sources of fibre, Alkapellet PH PLUS allows you to feed this high grain diet in a safer manner, without as much risk of your horse going sour or lame. 

Alkapellet PH PLUS contains a fibre source which has been impregnated with ammonia bicarbonate.  Plasma TCO2 levels are not elevated by significant levels, however feeding on race days is not recommended.

As all good horse people know the proof is in the manure and the hooves, Alkapellet PH PLUS users are finding improvement in both.